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About Our Company

The Pantry International Trade

We always focus on the quality and the which of course depend on the seasons, of the agreed packaging and delivery method.

The Pantry Trade is a Tunisian company selling wholesale and international trade items.

The Pantry Trade is a Tunisian company specializing in agribusiness such as vegetables and fruits, fresh canned or semi-preserved, dairy products, paws, cake and biscuits, Tunisian pastries, fish, crustaceans, mollusks and invertebrates dates, olive oils, and citrus are still the pillars of our exports all over the world. Our products are always fresh and of excellent taste, and they are meticulously packaged to meet international standards.

We constantly prioritize quality and value, which is dependent on the seasons, packing, and agreed-upon delivery method. You can also export a variety of Tunisian handicrafts, such as leather, wood, wrought iron, pottery, and other products. We advise that payments be made through a documentary letter of credit so that both parties feel secure.

At the service of our partners’ quality and requirements
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